This really made me angry.

In defense of the approximately 25 percent of the undergraduate student body that is affiliated with a fraternity or sorority, I would like to ask Sean Nahlik to either put up or shut up. What have you done, Sean, that makes you so much better than the sorority women and fraternity men you share this campus with? Because I’m willing to bet it’s not much.
Greek students on this campus are in the trenches making a difference for their fellow students. Many officials in student government are Greek, such as Missouri Students Association Vice President Colleen Hoffman, and many other Senate committee chairmen and executive department members. Many of the students serving on the standing committees that advise the chancellor and other university officials on the decisions they make that affect you every day are Greek. And of the hundreds of student organizations on this campus, a significant number of their membership also comes from the Greek community.
Philanthropy and scholarship are two of the pillars the Greek community stands on. Every year, thousands of dollars and service hours are given by fraternity and sorority members, both through their chapters’ organized philanthropy events and their individual initiative. The fraternity men’s and sorority women’s average GPAs are consistently above the all-men’s and all-women’s averages. Some of the most driven, accomplished students I know are members of fraternities and sororities that have helped them become so. I know I could not have done many of the things I’ve accomplished during my time here at MU without the support of my chapter and of my fraternity brothers.
Meanwhile, there are plenty of non-Greek students that have done much worse than the Facebook-picture posting and compulsive drinking that Sean references in his column. Let’s not forget that we’re in college. Any group of college students has about the same chance to make stupid decisions. Just because we wear letters doesn’t mean those stupid decisions are directly related to our chapter membership, any more than Sean’s decisions are directly related to his affiliation with The Maneater.
Let this also be a lesson, however, for the Greek community at MU. People like Sean Nahlik get their ideas about us from things like Facebook and MUGreekgossip.com. Be smart with what you make public. Remember that those letters you wear mean something, and you should be living it every day. People like Sean might not understand, but Greek students are working for something larger than themselves, and we need to make sure we’re getting that message out there.


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