I’m back like I forgot somethin’

It’s a hot, muggy, stormy night here in Columbia, Mo. I just got home from a long shift at the Missourian, and I’m kicking back now to watch some TV and relax. I got a lot of work hours in during the last couple weeks, which will be good when the next paycheck comes through.

Every day now, I get a little closer to moving to D.C., and I get a little more excited about it. My student loans went through yesterday, so pretty much everything is in place. I realize that it’s way to early to start packing, and that to do so would be relatively manic, but I find myself getting the urge to throw some things in boxes every now and then just to remind myself that it’s actually going to happen and that I’m actually leaving in a matter of weeks.

Rebecca and I did finally pin down a place to live. We’ll be living in the Avalon at Grosvenor Station apartment complex in Maryland, just outside the District and right on the Red Line of the D.C. Metro. Our apartment is on the third floor and looks like this:

The layout of the apartment in Maryland
The layout of the apartment in Maryland

So good times. We have a place to live. I have the money to pay for it with. I’m registered for classes. I’ve applied for internships. Now the waiting game continues.


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