Oh, the places you’ll go…

Inspired by a blog post a friend of mine made, I decided to make a list of trips and vacations I’ve taken during college.

In no particular order:

  1. St. Louis, Mo.
    1. when going home for the first three years of college, and to visit my grandparents and other friends and family
    2. Several concerts (Sheryl Crow a couple times, John Mayer, Kelly Clarkson, Better than Ezra/Sister Hazel)
    3. MCMA, 2006
    4. Maneater Ed Board Retreat, 2007
  2. Meredosia, Ill. — several visits to my grandma’s house
  3. Jacksonville, Ill. —  visiting Anna while in Meredosia
  4. Kirksville, Mo. — to visit friends at Truman State University.
  5. Springfield, Mo. — to visit friends at Southwest Missouri State University
  6. Anderson, Mo. — to write a story about protesters at soldiers’ funerals.
  7. Hannibal, Mo. — several trips to visit family.
  8. Kansas City, Mo.
    1. Maneater ed board retreat, 2006
    2. several trips for ightseeing and visiting friends
  9. Sumner, Mo./Marshall, Mo. — to write a story about the world’s largest plexiglass goose and Jim the Wonder Dog.
  10. Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.
    1. Lambda Chi Semi-Formal ’07
    2. Lambda Chi Semi-Formal ’08
    3. Missouri College Media Association conference ’07
    4. Shopping trips
  11. Washington, D.C.
    1. Associated Collegiate Press conferences, 2006
    2. Associated Collegiate Press conferences, 2007
    3. Conference on political journalism with Jewels, 2006
  12. Joplin, Mo. — for the Missouri College Media Association conference in 2008
    1. Miami, Okla. — to go to the casino during MCMA
  13. Boonville, Mo. — various visits, notably to go to the casino
  14. Baltimore, Md. — for the ACP conference in 2007
  15. Pittsburgh, Pa. — to visit home and accompanying Jewels when she moved there
    1. Spring Break ’08
    2. Spring Break ’09
    3. Christmas ’08
    4. Christmas ’09
    5. July ’08
    6. May ’09
  16. Spring Break ’07 — visiting friends who were studying abroad
    1. London, England
    2. Paris, France
    3. Madrid, Spain
  17. Summer ’08 — internship at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
    1. Milwaukee, Wis.
    2. Port Washington, Wis.
    3. Green Bay/Sturgeon Bay/Door County, Wis.
    4. Racine/Kenosha, Wis.
    5. Chicago, Ill.
  18. Memphis, Tenn.
    1. for the Memphis in May music festival, May ’08
    2. for the Lambda Chi leadership seminar, summer ’07
  19. Peoria, Ill. — to visit Jewels during her internship
  20. Louisville, Ken. — to visit family, New Years ’09
  21. Bloomington, Ill.
    1. To visit Tom at Illinois Wesleyan
    2. Sheryl Crow concert, summer ’07

I’m sure I forgot a few — leave some reminders in the comments, please.


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