I leave Columbia on Saturday. Already?! I know, right.

Things to do pre-departure:
-Big tree
-Addison’s happy hour
-Fish shack
-Go see Becky at The Maneater
-Have car checked (the check engine light is on)
-Imo’s and t-ravs (sad how much food is on this list haha)
-a varied assortment of errands

The rest of my mental to-do list was pretty well crossed off the past couple weeks. It’s weird to think that in a few short days, this will all be over.

I’ve moved back into Lambda Chi until my parents come on Saturday to help me get my stuff packed into the U-haul. Amy comes in on Friday, and I’m helping her move into KD. Saturday night, we’re off to Hannibal to pick up Derby then to my grandma’s house in Meredosia, Ill. She’s coming with us to Pittsburgh on Monday. Tuesday is move-in day in D.C.

I will, of course, keep you posted.


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