From the kitchen, part 3

In the last “from the kitchen” installment of the weekend, we have brownies based on the 5-layer brownie recipe from A Year of Slow Cooking.

Sorry, Derby, but there's way too much chocolate in this for you.

The recipe is pretty easy, especially since most of it involved mix from a box.

I made the mistake, though, of doubling the recipe and reducing the cook time, rather than just one or the other, since my Crock Pot is bigger than the one the crock pot blogger used. As a result, when I pulled them out of the crock pot, they were kind of a gooey mess. So, instead of just eating the chocolate goo (well, eating all of it), I put them in a pan and put them in the oven for a while.

The result was spectacular. These are some of the best brownies I’ve ever eaten.

Next time, though, I might skip the Crock Pot all together, as suggested by my sister, Amy. I think they’d turn out pretty much the same way, and I wouldn’t have to soak the fudge out of the stoneware of the Crock Pot.


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