St. Louis is my Prozac

I’d been feeling kind of overwhelmed with life lately, so Derby and I played hooky after work today and drove to St. Louis for a couple hours to spend some time at home.

Derby in the car
"We're going on a trip, barf barf"

I wasn’t there very long, but I did get a couple errands run that I needed to and had some much needed home-time. Sometimes getting out of Columbia, even just for a little while, is therapeutic.

I know I’ve written about this before, but it’s finally my favorite time of year in Missouri. I love winter, and I anxiously await the first snow every year, but there’s something about fall that just makes me really happy. I left St. Louis right around rush hour, as the sun was starting to go down, and even before the temperature starts to drop or the leaves start to change, you can tell fall is here when the sunset starts to turn everything a brilliant shade of gold. In the summer time, there’s a particular verdancy on sunny evenings when the green of the grass and the trees just pops a certain way. But on my drive back to Columbia tonight I was struck by the very obvious change in how rural Missouri looked while Derby and I drove through.


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