Self-introduction: Rebel News Profile, 10/10/13

My first assignment at Priory was to write a profile of myself for the Rebel News, a weekly e-mail to the Priory community that includes a calendar of events, a collection of that week’s website stories, photos that have been added to the online galleries and a “Who’s Who?” article about someone of note. I started out trying to write it third-person to match the others that had been done, but everything I wrote sounded stiff, awkward, and downright weird. I switched to first-person and it flowed much better. This is the result:

Going on the record with Marketing Specialist Steve Oslica

In college, we had a formulaic method of having our new members introduce themselves to our fraternity: name, hometown and fun fact. In that spirit, I’m Steve Oslica, from St. Louis, and one time my car got broken into and the thieves didn’t steal my iPod even though it was sitting on the front seat. My friends said it was because of my terrible taste in music.

I’ve been hired as the new marketing specialist for the school. This involves handling the weekly Rebel News e-mails, website content, social media, and a variety of other messaging tasks. I know as soon as I said I was from St. Louis, many of you asked yourselves where I went to high school. The answer is Priory — I’m an alum from the class of 2005. So even though I’m new to the job, I’m not new to this place and all the things that make it special.

I grew up in Ballwin, in St. Clare of Assisi parish, and started classes here in the 7th grade after attending grade school in the Rockwood School District. While I was a student, I was a member of the Pro-Life Club, of the Scholar Bowl team, and played football and hockey.

After graduation, I headed west to Columbia and enrolled at Mizzou. I earned a dual degree in journalism and political science while (or, in some ways, despite) working for the student newspaper, The Maneater, where I worked my way up to editor-in-chief. After undergrad, I spent a semester in Washington, D.C., taking classes and working political communication internships (I’m a huge politics junkie), but returned to Mizzou to finish a master’s in public policy and nonprofit management.

I love telling stories, and my journalism training helped me develop a lot of great skills to do that. For the last year and a half, I worked at St. Louis University’s law school, handling their web content, social media, and digital communications strategy. Throughout the time that I worked there, we were in the process of moving downtown from the main campus, and dealt with a series of leadership turnovers. Both of these big changes presented their own opportunities and challenges, and provided a lot of great “teachable moments.”

My new boss, Communications Director Amy Zlatic, has said repeatedly since we first met that she’s constantly amazed by the overabundance of good news that comes out of Priory, and I’m excited to join the team here to help her get those stories told. As an alum, I feel like I’ve gotten a lot from Priory over the years, and this is an exciting opportunity to give back.

When I’m not here at Priory, I’m at home with my dog, Derby (a.k.a. #fatbeagle). He’s a trooper, having moved with me to seven different places in five different states since he came home with me from the Central Missouri Humane Society. You can also find me in Columbia for Mizzou games, helping coordinate alumni activities for the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, or attending events with the St. Ambrose Council of the Knights of Columbus.

Original (with photos!)


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