Going all-out: Rebel News story, 1/30/2014

At the end of January, I joined a group of students and two of the monks on a trip to Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life. I’d been on the trip a couple times as a student at Priory, and it was always a lot of fun. They’ve made some changes since then, such as flying to D.C. instead of taking a bus, and adding in time for touristy stuff. We had a good group of students with us and had a great time.

In addition to being my first experience chaperoning anything, the trip served as a vehicle to highlight one of our many student activities. A big piece of feedback we get from current and prospective parents is that we don’t do enough to show that Priory is giving students a well-rounded experience. As a result, we’re trying to put more of a spotlight on our clubs, activities and athletic teams. This was a pilot project to see what we could do given a specific, targeted event.

In addition to posting from Priory’s social media accounts, I wrote up a story about the trip at the end and put it together into a package with links to resources about the event and other news stories about the March. A Storify of the social media posts told the day-to-day story of our trip, and the two linked back and forth. Here are the two stories, which we distributed as a package through our various channels:

Priory students attend the March for Life for 15th year
The Priory March for Life trip through social media

I had hoped to get more collaborative with social media posts by pulling in the student’s content and using a common hashtag. Unfortunately, most of them were smart and had their accounts protected so I wasn’t able to access their stuff. We also didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to discuss the PR stuff I was aiming to do beforehand because snow days and other school activities pushed the trip planning until kind of the last minute. In the future, we’ll know to plan further ahead and lay the groundwork from the get-go in order to get more buy in. Overall, though, I was really happy with how the stories panned out.


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