New skills: Graphic design, 2/8/2014

One of my favorite things about my job is the diversity of tasks I’m asked to take on. On any given day, I’m writing stories, taking photos, designing flyers, posting on social media accounts, and the list goes on and on. No day is ever the same as the one before it. I’ve been learning a lot of new skills as a result of that. One of those skills is editing in Photoshop.

I’d been exposed to Photoshop at The Maneater and in the J-school, and got some rudimentary training that way. I knew how to crop photos and change them from color to black and white, basic stuff like that. Here at Priory, we create banner images for our website in Photoshop, and that’s a little more involved than stuff I’d been doing before (a lot of the things I’ve been using Photoshop for lately are things I’d used InDesign or Illustrator for in the past). One of my favorite Photoshop graphics I’ve come up with so far is this one:

Priory library bannerWe’re raising money to renovate the library, and we wanted to highlight the video that someone donated to help us tell the story of why it’s important (click the image to go to the website story with the video – it’s pretty great). This is another of my favorite parts of my job — getting to help with projects that will directly benefit the students at a place I care about a lot.


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